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How to Open the Gate to Accessibility

September 24, 2021
​​If you’re an online educator, you’ve surely heard something about web accessibility and its implications for online learning. And hopefully, your institution is taking steps to enact procedures and standards to ensure your online courses are consistently meeting accessibility requirements. According to the United States Census Bureau, over 57 million Americans report living with a disability. To make certain all your students can have a successful learning experience, following are Everspring’s top eight guidelines to help make your online course space accessible to all online users.

No Sweat Alt Text

September 24, 2021
What is “alt text”? Alt text is descriptive text linked to an image, graph, or other visual content that allows users to understand the visual without viewing it. Any image online should contain alt text, but guidelines differ depending on whether the image is simply decorative or related to other content on the page.

Making Text Color Accessible

September 24, 2021
Some students have difficulty perceiving color, including older learners, learners with partial sight, learners with colorblindness, and learners using monochrome or text-only displays. In order to ensure that course content is perceivable to all learners, you should consider several guidelines for color use.