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Design Best Practices

September 24, 2021
Good page design requires balance between white space and positive space. Positive space, the element(s) that fill the page, are the “objects of interest” on which you want your reader to concentrate. We often may think of positive space in regard to photos, but on a course page, the object of our attention may be a thumbnail for a video, a callout box, or a pull quote.

Designing and Managing Large Online Courses

September 24, 2021
Teaching in the online modality can be tricky on its own, so what about when you have a large class?

Backward Design

September 24, 2021
Backward design is, as the name suggests, a process for designing curricula, courses, and lectures by working backwards from big-picture learning goals. The concept, introduced by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe (2005), suggests that instructors create assessments, activities, and course content that are explicitly aligned with the broader learning goals of the unit. This is different from the traditional content-driven approach to learning design, which focuses on course content first and only secondarily tries to align that content with learning goals.

Creating Learning Objectives

September 24, 2021
Learning objectives help inform students about what they will learn and how they will be assessed. Objectives are meant to align with course expectations. Therefore, any assigned exercises should be guided by the course’s specific learning objectives. Everything in the course should work together to ensure students master the course objectives.